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Coastal traces its origins to 1956


Coastal Warehouse is a family-owned business with deep roots in production agriculture.  We understand the challenges faced by producers because we are producers ourselves.  By using the lessons learned from years of production agriculture, coupled with the decades of market sector experience of our staff, we constantly strive to find easier and more efficient methods for farmers to market their crops.  Combining cutting-edge market information with simple, efficient and easy to execute marketing options, Coastal works hard to make the process of marketing your crop as easy as possible.  Don’t understand an HTA contract?  We’re here to show you.  Need help interpreting a market move? We’ll talk you through it.  Need to move grain fast to free up space?  We’re sending the trucks now.  Cash flows and slow pay a problem?  Not from us.  Whatever your marketing needs, Coastal Warehouse is standing by to help you push the big “Easy” button.  Our job is helping to remove the marketing burden from the producer's plate so that they can focus on what they doing best: farming.


Coastal traces its origins to 1956 when the first storage warehouse was built by R.B. Hand, Gary Curlee, and E.C. Connor on Sunset Street in Wharton Texas.  A second warehouse was added to the complex in 1957 and the operation continued to increase its storage capacity in the ensuing years.  In 1975 the organization was bought out by Milton Jay Anderson of Eagle Lake, Texas under whose guidance further speed and capacity upgrades were made.  Mr. Anderson sold the company in 1985 to Messers. Ronnie Witting, William Loocke, and Laurance Armour who formally created the Coastal Warehouse Limited Partnership.  During their tenure, Coastal Warehouse continued to grow with the acquisitions of Hungerford Grain and Nine Point Grain in 2004 and Cordele Grain Elevator in Cordele, Texas in 2008.  In 2021, Coastal Warehouse was purchased by Dr. Thomas and Mary Wynn, along with Dr. John and Myra Wynn.


Coastal Warehouse continues to serve the Texas coastal bend through three divisions: Wharton, Hungerford Grain, and Nine Point Grain. The organization helps producers with risk management, merchandising, storage, and transportation needs throughout the year.  The organizational focus remains to provide timely advice to customers while maintaining premium quality products and great customer service.

Combining cutting-edge market information with simple, efficient and easy to execute marketing options, Coastal works hard to make the process of marketing your crop as easy as possible.

Coastal Warehouse, founded in 1957 by R.B. Hand and Marvin Henry, serves producers with a 250,000 BU capacity storage and drying facility. I’m 1975, Jay Anderson purchased the elevator, added capacity and made other major improvements. Ten years later, a group of agriculture businessmen and producers purchased the Wharton facility. Since that time Coastal Warehouse has acquired Hungerford Grain, Nine Point Grain, TWI, Mackey, and Cordele Grain with a total of 5.4 million BU.


Coastal Warehouse now serves Wharton, Matagorda, Jackson, Fort Bend, Austin, Colorado, Lavaca, and Victoria counties through three divisions providing producers with risk management, merchandising and storage needs.


In 2010 the company saw a need for a deer corn operation and decided that Nine Point Grain was the place to start. The business has grown rapidly, primarily by providing a premium product and great customer service.



Coastal Warehouse, Ltd: Wharton, Texas - Thomas Wynn, Manager  (979) 532-8550

Hungerford Grain: Hungerford & Beasley, Texas - Jay Davis, Manager  (979) 532-5660


Nine Point Grain: El Campo & Cordele, Texas - Bryan Schrader, Manager
Office: (979)-543-2462